You are most likely familiar with betting promotions. Almost every mainstream sportsbook and online casino have some form of a welcome package that has been designed for the purpose of gaining as many new clients as possible.

Some of these promotions might appear to be golden but not everything will be as it might appear. We will now give you some guidance about what you will need to consider when signing up for a few of these offers.

Wagering Requirements (Read the terms and conditions)

For some betting offers you will need to wager the bonus money offered before you can withdraw it as actual cash.

This bonus money might only need to be wagered once in which case you can just treat this as an offer with no strings attached while others will require you to wager the bonus multiple times.

An example of a bad offer will look something like this. Bet £10 to get £10 (bonus money must be wagered 10x).

This would mean that you would have to place bets to the value of £100 before you can withdraw money. While offers that do not require wagering would mean that any money won from the free bet in question can be withdrawn from your balance.

Online betting platforms know exactly what they are doing when they offer a promotion like this and thankfully for you, we are here to tell you what they are up to.

Consider The Type of Bonus You Are Signing Up To

Not all bonuses are the same. Some might look super appealing, but the small print is essential to read. No deposit bonuses are classic examples of this.

Technically there is no such thing as a bad no deposit bonus as you don’t have to risk any of your own money, but they often have unreasonable wagering requirements so the chances of you being able to withdraw real money are very unlikely.

The best betting offers we suggest are the type where the bonus is high, and the wagering requirements are low.

Sometimes the extra effort to place bets to trigger such bonuses can be worth it but we don’t like casinos or sportsbooks that make their terms and conditions way too convoluted.

The Best Offers Are Often the Simplest Ones

If you are left scratching your head as to how you will be able to unlock a specific welcome bonus, then it probably isn’t worth bothering with.

It is a bit of a confusing one for us that some bookmakers require you to have a degree in math to understand their terms and conditions.

We like offers with no strings attached. I.e., You bet £100, and you receive £100 in free bets. This way you can decide how you would go about this before you bet.

Casino Offers Vs Sportsbook Offers

It is important to note that casino offers are generally much bigger than sportsbook offers. This is because casinos are much less frightened of their games being taken advantage of by some form of tactical play.

With casino offers, there is potentially more money to be made but sports betting offers are generally more straightforward.

If you like to play these casino games, you will also need to pay attention to which games contribute to your bonus.

For example, some sites won’t let you just bet on red and black on roulette as this would be seen as you trying to cheat the system.


All we can recommend when you are signing up for a promotion of any nature on a betting site is that you pay a little bit of extra attention to the terms and conditions.

For some sites, this will be obvious and there will be no strings attached, however, for some casinos they will try to lure you in with what seems like a juicy deal but in fact, isn’t.

If you follow the offers that we recommend you can’t go wrong.