The Scoop6 is essentially the horseracing industry’s very own version of the National Lottery but unlike its ball dropping cousin, the Scoop6 is significantly more fun to watch and you can get involved for a small stake – just £2.

The totescoop6 is a pool betting system run by Betfred Bookmakers. Each Saturday you get to place bets on six selected races. Usually, these races are shown live on iTV (you can find a list of the qualifying races here.). The objective is to pick the winner of all these races. Scoop6 winners often walk away with more than £500,000! Although, jackpots have rolled-over to more than £10+ million in the past.

The concept was formulated back in 1999 and has been running successfully for nearly twenty years. The bet comprises of a win fund and a place fund.

The ‘win’ fund is the most lucrative pot. Especially if it rolls over for several weeks as it often does. If you pick all six winners you win a share of that total win pool. This could be outright or shared with a number of others. It’s all down to the popularity of the selections amongst the players. Essentially, if lesser fancied runners win or place in the nominated races then the win and place dividends are usually much higher.

If all your selections are placed then the ‘place’ fund is regarded as the consolation prize. However, this can be a monster payout in itself. A record place dividend of £75,648.40 was declared back in October 2009.

Those who have successfully chosen six winners and scooped the win fund are then eligible to have a go at the Bonus Fund. To win the Bonus Fund the player(s) have to correctly choose the winner of one nominated race the following week. So now you know what the Scoop6 is, let’s take a closer look at how it all works.

Stakes are allocated to the three different funds as follows: Scoop6 win fund: Scoop6 place fund: Scoop6 Bonus Prize Fund in the ratio of 7:4:3 respectively. Following allocation, a deduction of 30% will be made from each fund. The Net Pool for each fund is 70% of stakes.

A £2 line (the minimum stake permitted) will allow you to pick a single selection in each of the six nominated races however if you wish to enhance your chances you can opt for a permutation. If you pick more than one selection in any of the races you need to multiply all the legs involved.

E.g  1x1x1x1x2x2 = 4 lines x the £2 unit stake makes a total of £8.

Many people believe that the single £2 line bet doesn’t get a look in and that it is the big permutations costing thousands of pounds to place that whisk away the bulk of the total pool. However, that is not the case at all.

Agnes Haddock scooped a total of £688,620 when correctly choosing six winners in 2007. Tony Wonnacott, a 45-year-old man who also played just a straight £2 line, won £310,000 in 2009 and most recently in May 2014 Craig Brazier, 39, from Mansfield netted a whopping £1,342,599.

So How Do I Play?

Most high street bookmakers take the Scoop6 bet. You need to look for the special slip that pretty much looks like a lottery slip and is just as easy to fill in. If you are unsure then just ask the staff at the counter who will be more than happy to oblige.

Alternatively, you can place the bet with BetFred by visiting the “Tote” section on the site. On most Saturdays, there will be guidance banners to take you to the relevant section just in case you get a little bit lost.

Video Guide To Placing A Scoop6 Bet

Scoop 6 Statistics

£10,740,797 Record Scoop6 Rollover

£1.3 million Record Win

£800+ Average Place Fund Payout