Ralph Rangnick could well soon be the next manager of Manchester United, although it is believed he will only be given a temporary role until the end of this season.

Ralph Rangnick is 63 years old and presently the head of development for Lokomotiv Moscow in Russia. He has previously worked with the Red Bull clubs in Salzburg and Leipzig, as well as Schalke, the year they finished second in the Bundesliga.

It has yet to be confirmed, but Ralph is very close to his appointment in the managerial position at Manchester United following the sacking of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on Sunday after their 4-1 loss to Watford.

It’s difficult to say whether or not Ralph Rangnick is a particularly “proven” manager, as he certainly does have some achievements under his belt but not quite the kind that United fans will be expecting of their bosses.

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Current achievements include winning UEFA’s “Intertoto Cup” with Stuttgart in 2000, winning Bundesliga 2 with Hannover in 2002, winning the German cup with Schalke in 2011, and the aforementioned second-place finish with Schalke in 2005.

Rangnick is recognised with inspiring Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and Bayern Munich boss Julian Nagelsmann, in addition to Tuchel. They say he popularised the “counter-pressing” tactics used by Klopp’s sides at Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool.

He relocated to Russia at the beginning of this season after training with the Red Bull squads in Germany and Austria.

As For Now…

Michael Carrick, who has already worked as an assistant under Solskjaer at United, is scheduled to take command of the club this weekend against league leaders Chelsea, who are managed by Thomas Tuchel, a former pupil of Rangnick’s.

The Chelsea match will certainly be a daunting task for carrick, following the Blues’ recent 4-nil away win at Bayern Munich. He does have the 0-2 Champions League win at Villarreal under his belt, though, which will give him confidence for the Premier League encounter.

Carrick will do everything he can to prepare the Manchester United team for their newly appointed boss, whether it’s Ralph Rangnick or anybody else, who will then have just over 6 months to whip the team into shape ready for the takeover of the club’s next permanent manager.

PSG boss Mauricio Pochettino is currently the favourite to take over from any interim managers at Manchester United at the end of this season. Brendan Rodger’s remains second-favourite for the position, with many United fans saying they’d overlook his history with fierce rivals Liverpool.

We also cannot completely rule out Ralph Ringnick becoming the next permanent manager. Whether he gets the temporary job or not, he does have some great successes in his portfolio, but again, Manchester United fans and all others related to the club will want a manager that’s won trophies and titles.

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Manchester United’s Current Position

It will be far from an easy job for whoever inherits the managerial job at Manchester United.

On paper, they have a solid squad. The doubts, are no doubt, along the back line. The problem will be trying to glue this side together with somebody that can lead from the back, something Carrick himself did very well in his playing days and something that Harry Maguire might just simply not be capable of.

So far, Cristiano Ronaldo will be wondering what he’s signed up for as they sit 8th in the league, 12 points from Chelsea in first – and it’s down to the next manager to convince the likes of Ronaldo and many others that they’ve come to the right place.