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Paddy Power is well known for its generous new customer offers. Nevertheless, what many people don’t realise is once you’ve signed up with them, the deals keep coming.

Regular punters with Paddy Power will about the benefits of the “POWER UP” and how to use them. However, for those of you not yet using PP to place your bets, I will explain the concept.

What’s It All About

Let’s imagine you’ve gone to the Paddy Power website or app and decided to place a single win bet on Manchester United against Liverpool.

You look at the odds, and they’re quoted as 3/1 on United to win. Then you notice in the corner of the screen a line of text which says ‘POWER UPS’. If you active the Power Up those odds could jump from 3/1 to 5/1. You are potentially getting bigger winnings (assuming Man Utd beat Liverpool).

The Power Up is not always present. How and when a Power-Up is awarded is a bit of a mystery. If you have one available, it will be under the ‘My Bonuses’ tab on the app or website.

On a simple level the Paddy Power “POWER UP” is a boost to the odds you’ll receive from the bookmaker. It applies to win singles only, Power Up can only be used on sports and can be used both in-play or pre-play. Power Up will be available for 30 days from when it is credited, and it’s worth remembering that the maximum stake on Power Up bets is £50.

Free Bets

Along with “Power Ups” customers of Paddy Power will occasionally be offered FREE BETS from the company. Typically they’re for low amounts between £1 and £5 and can only be used on selected events or bets. However, If you were going to have a bet on the game or event anyway, they’re an excellent bonus to get.

It goes without saying that all bonuses and free bets come with significant terms and conditions. You can read them on the Paddy Power website.

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