If you fancy a festive flutter that doesn’t involve sports, then cast your eyes over the list of names Paddy Power have compiled as likely choices for the next royal baby.

Zara Tindall (nee Phillips), the daughter of Princess Anne, is expecting her first baby sometime towards the middle of January.

32 year old Zara recently attended the annual Christmas day service with ‘Granny’ (the Queen) at the Sandringham estate in Norfolk and she was joined by her husband, ex rugby player Mike Tindall, as well as royal cousins Will and Harry and other members of the royal family.

When the Princess Royal named her baby girl Zara in 1981 it caused quite a controversy and was seen as an ultra modern move away from traditional royal names. Will Zara and Mike pick an ultra modern name or will they revert to the time honoured royal traditions?

Here is a shortlist of possibles, including the likely and very unlikely, so can you pick the new babies name or come up with an even better one of your own?.

Richard [33/1]
You can’t get more traditional but the last royal to carry the name was Richard 111 in 1483, so doesn’t seem very likely. He only reigned for two years and his body was rediscovered in 2012 and there are now plans to re bury him at Leicester Cathedral in 2014.

Mark [10/1]
Could cause conflict with Zara’s in laws if she names a boy after her dad, Captain Mark Phillips. You know how touchy families can get about these things, it’s not worth the hassle, the couple best steer well clear of this one. Not very likely.

Elizabeth [8/1]
It would be lovely if one of the Queen’s great grandchildren was named after her, but it would mean the little girl would have some particularly big shoes to fill! She would be sharing a name not just with great granny, but also the late much loved Queen Mother, not to mention the last mighty Tudor, Queen Elizabeth 1. It’s a definite maybe!

Jayden [100/1]
Good point – it seems to be unisex, but every Tom, Dick and Harry in the country seem to have one in the family! Sounds like one of those made-up American names and it just wouldn’t sound right echoing along the corridors at Buck Palace, would it? Highly unlikely.

Michael [12/1]
Could be a somewhat unexpected choice if it’s a boy, would surely please dad and his family but also has plenty of Royal connections. Would keep both families happy and save buying all those baby name books, it’s a strong contender.

Madison [50/1]
Would probably cause as much controversy as mums name did in it’s time, better leave it for a future Beckham baby! Highly unlikely, but it’s a strong possibility the parents will go for something modern and unique in the history of royal baby names.

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