The Last Man Standing is a football competition that friends and colleagues can organise between themselves. You can use the competition to raise money for good causes or use it to win cash from your workmates and family. It’s up to you; we don’t judge!

If you’re having trouble coming up with a selection for this week’s games, we’ve got some Last Man Standing tips to help you out.


Anyone can start a ‘Last Man Standing’ football competition. All you need is a group of people and a list of football fixtures. The idea behind Last Man Standing is easy to follow.

Each week, those in the competition pick one team from a list of fixtures. Importantly, a player cannot select the same team/club more than once – so you can’t pick Liverpool each week!

If the team you pick wins, you’ll progress to the next round, if your team lose or draw, you’ll be eliminated.

The competition continues week by week until one person is left – that person is the winner and will be crowned the ‘Last Man Standing’ or ‘Woman’ – we don’t want you getting in trouble with the HR department.


That depends on how you set up the competition. If the aim of your ‘Last Man Standing’ league is to raise money for charity, half the prize money is typically given to charity and half to the winner.

The number of participants governs the amount you win, the more people you get involve in the game, the bigger the prize money will be.

Decide at the beginning how much you will charge to enter the competition. An entry fee of £5 or £10 is considered normal. However, you could run the contest for fun, no money involved. Or offer a small prize for the eventual winner – it’s totally up to you.


You have a few options available to you. The first way is using a spreadsheet in Excel or Google docs. However, this can be time-consuming.

If you decide to go with this method, you will have to download a ‘Last Man Standing’ spreadsheet template online. You’ll still need to input the correct fixtures, names and calculate results. Another way is to use a dedicated smart phone App for setting up your competition.


The quickest & safest way to start a league is by using an app which has been specifically designed for running Last Man Standing competitions.

The best option is: TIPPD This app makes it easier to organise your Last Man Standing competition — allowing players to chose their teams via smartphones and with the added benefit that you don’t need to manually log each Selection and result. The TIPPD app is free to download for Apple and Android.

Tippd is a fantastic way to start a ‘Last Man Standing’ comp for the Premier League.


So you’ve decided to set up your competition, but what are the rules? Remember, it’s essential to let everyone know the RULES before they join the competition.

Let them know how much it will cost (if money is involved). How much they could win. A list of basic rules which relate to the Premier League can be found below. Feel free to alter them to suit your competition.

  1. Each week all entrants must pick a Premier League team to win their game.
  2. If entrants team win, they’re through to next round. Lose or draw, and the entrant is out of the competition.
  3. Entrants must notify the organiser by (Time, Date) of their Selection. If you do not select a team by the deadline, or in the event of you nominating a team that you have already used, you will be assigned the lowest alphabetic ordered team in the table, that you have not previously selected.
  4. You cannot select the same team to win more than once during the competition.
  5. Once you have chosen a team, you cannot change it.
  6. If a match involving your Selection is postponed (after you have made your selection), you will continue to the next round. However, that team will no longer be available for you to pick in the following rounds.
  7. If fewer than five entrants remain standing and they are eliminated in the same week, the prize fund will be shared equally between them.
  8. If two or more entrants remain standing after the final game of the season, then the prize fund will be equally shared between them.


If you’re looking for tips for this week’s Premier League games – click here.

Most people tend to play safe in the opening weeks, favouring “big” teams. However, this means that a high percentage of players make it through to the next round.

Why not take a risk and go for one of the upsets of the round? It could take you through to the next stage with only a handful of others.

Before you enter a tournament, look at the fixtures ahead and work out a mini-game plan. Specific Premier League teams may not be packed out with star players, but they might have a particular edge you could use, an excellent home record for example.

Keep an eye out for injuries. You’re looking towards a 10-15 week game plan to become that Last Man Standing. Keep up to date with team injuries and form. An excellent place to check injuries is here. Latest football team form guides can be found here.