In ‘Last Man Standing’, your football knowledge is tested as you navigate the twists and turns of every Premier League fixture.

Each week, you’re tasked with a simple challenge: pick a team to win their match.

Sounds easy, right?

But here’s the catch—once you’ve chosen a team, they’re off-limits for future selections until you’ve picked every other team in the league.

This rule demands foresight, strategy, and a touch of daring, transforming each choice into a pivotal move that could either pave your way to victory or lead to an early game exit.

The game unfurls layers of complexity with each passing week as the pool of available teams dwindles.

Will you play it safe or gamble on an underdog? Can you outlast your peers to claim the ultimate bragging rights and the prize pot? The thrill of ‘Last Man Standing’ lies not only in the win but in the nuanced dance of decisions that could crown you as the champion.


To truly excel in ‘Last Man Standing’, a game where one misstep can spell the end of your journey, a well-thought-out strategy is your cornerstone.

Here are two pivotal components that can significantly increase your chances of success:

Long-term Planning

Plot your course through the season by marking out the fixtures.

Prioritize selecting teams when they face significantly weaker opponents, especially those at home. For instance, earmark the top six clubs for their matches against the bottom six. Also, identify periods when strong teams face a run of lower-ranked opposition, which can be a goldmine for reliable picks.

Remember, planning is about timing your picks as much as it is about the picks themselves.

Considering Form and Fixtures

Analyze the upcoming fixtures for 4-5 weeks instead of just the immediate next game.

Look for patterns such as a series of home games or a run against out-of-form teams that could give certain clubs an edge.

Keep track of team news to avoid picking a team that might be missing key players through injury or suspension.

It’s vital to assess not just who teams are playing, but when they are playing. For instance, avoid picking teams involved in European competitions the week after a tough fixture, as fatigue could play a significant role in their performance.

Implementing these strategies will arm you with a proactive approach, ensuring your selections are not just guesses but informed decisions that stand the test of the season’s rigors.


Navigating the ‘Last Man Standing’ landscape requires a blend of your own insights with those from reliable football tip sources. The platforms listed below offer diverse perspectives, from expert analysis to community wisdom, enhancing your decision-making arsenal.

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Expert Analysis and Predictions

  • BBC Sport Football: Home to comprehensive match previews and expert opinions, BBC Sport offers in-depth analysis that goes beyond just form and fixtures, delving into tactical setups and player matchups.
  • WhoScored: Renowned for its extensive database, WhoScored provides detailed statistics and player ratings, along with pre-match reports that highlight potential game-changers and tactical insights.
  • Squawka: With its detailed visual data representation, Squawka delivers comparative team and player stats that can be pivotal in predicting outcomes based on performance metrics.

Community and A.I. Insights

  • Tipstrr: This platform distinguishes itself by showcasing verified tipsters, allowing you to follow those with a track record of success, and incorporates a social element to see where the community consensus lies.
  • Reddit Soccer Betting: A treasure trove of community-driven insights, the Reddit Soccer Betting forum is where punters share their predictions, discussions, and rationale behind their picks.
  • Forebet: For those who favor data-driven approaches, Forebet offers predictions based on mathematical algorithms, considering past performance data and current form.

Statistics and Data-Driven Resources

  • Soccerstats: This site is a statistical haven, providing everything from team performance charts to head-to-head records, helping you make predictions based on historical and current season data.
  • Football Whispers: Combining advanced metrics with traditional scouting, Football Whispers offers a unique look at player and team potential, focusing on transfer rumors and their possible impact on team performance.

User-Ranked Tipsters

  • Betting Expert: A community where tipsters are ranked based on their prediction accuracy, providing transparency and allowing you to follow only the most successful predictors.
  • This user-friendly site ranks tipsters based on their profitability, and offers a vast selection of tips across all football leagues, with user comments often providing additional insight into each tip.

By tapping into these resources, you can sharpen your predictions with a range of perspectives, from the analytical to the wisdom of the crowd, giving you the edge you need in your ‘Last Man Standing’ picks.