Now, this may be something you are completely unfamiliar with but this fight is going to be the biggest Internet event in history. The White Collar event takes place on August 25th at the MEN Arena in Manchester and there will be millions watching at home.

KSI & Logan are both huge in their field and together have combined subscribers of around 37 Million on Youtube alone. Which is more than any professional boxer has on any platform of social media. JJ (KSI) is an English lad born in Watford. He rose to fame making videos from his room and posting them onto his youtube channel. The videos consisted of Fifa content, ‘social experiments’ and as he grew more popular in his field, he began to create music. The 25-year-old already had his first White Collar fight v another Youtuber, Joe Weller. KSI battered Joe and then called out Logan who in the past year has had a shadow of controversy taint his career. The two fighters will have Europe and USA behind them, just like the Ryder Cup!

Remember the guy who recorded the dead body at the ‘Suicide Forrest’ then posted it on youtube? Well, introducing Logan Paul, who was once titled as Youtube’s ‘Golden boy.’ This fight is his way back into ‘relevancy’ which is what all YouTubers seem to be infatuated on recently. If you happen to have a spare day you might need the full 24 hours to catch-up on the beef. At times it is a little juvenile but there is no acting between the pairs tension, it is genuine hate.

So, why bet on a pair of ego-driven Youtubers? What makes this a great betting opportunity is because no one has a clue who will win. I can assure you betting companies will have even less of an idea. JJ is being trained by a ‘future World Champion’ but Logan has professional wrestling experience from a young age. It is going to be funny whoever ends up on the canvas but remember, these two are showmen. Both parties will want to give the audience a show so if you suspect a KO, avoid betting on the first two rounds. Another element to keep in mind is that this is NOT a professional fight. The Ref officiating is unlikely to let things go on if it is heavily one-sided. Therefore, a TKO is probably out of the question. Logan has the height & weight on KSI and at this level of boxing, could be the deciding factor. KSI looks to be the better boxer at this moment in time so if the fight is to go on longer than 4 rounds, JJ likely has it in the bag. However, Logan can capitalize on the size difference and will throw big blows if the opportunity arrives. This could catch JJ off guard and leave him dazed so a Logan win early (first three rounds).

It is unlikely the fight will go the distance, both fighters are in great shape but neither will last even 6 rounds. So, there you have it, the biggest event in internet history and if you are still undecided I urge you to watch the beef unfold on Youtube. It could formulate your decision and it is pretty entertaining. What makes this event even better is that Logan and JJ both have brothers… and they are too fighting head to head on the Undercard.