Most bookmakers have a vast array of sports bets. You can bet on any number of outcomes including goals scorers, how many goals will be scored, how many corners, if there will be yellow or red cards. And most people familiar with online sports betting will know what’s available. The problem in most instances is that the bets offered are quite limited. And the odds can be very short.

So Betfred has come up with a rather unique form of betting. It’s called PickYourPunt and it gives you 100% control over the exact parameters of the bet you want to place. Here you can instantly create your own bet and include features like, the number of corners you think will be scored, which players will score and what the result will be – all rolled into one bet.

Rather than ask you to imagine a scenario, I’m going to take you step by step through the process.

The Process

Firstly you must have a Betfred online account. Assuming that you have one, open up your desktop or laptop and go to Betfred. One the home page, down the left-hand column, will be the option to #PickYourPunt. Click on it.

The next screen provides you with all of the games that you can PickYourPunt on. Click on ‘Launch PickYourPunt Builder’. I chose England vs Montenegro in the Euro 2020 Qualifiers on 14th November 2019.

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There are three or four categories that you can know choose options from. They include ‘Popular’, ‘Match’, ‘Teams’, and ‘Players’. Each of these sections has a number of different options. The more specific options you add, the greater the odds you get.

The Parameters

For each additional part I added to my bet, the odds changed. I chose the following:

  • Who will win – England. Odds started at 1/20
  • Who will score – Marcus Rashford. Odds moved to 2/3
  • How many goals – Over 3.5. Odds moved to 13/10
  • How many goals will a team win by – England win by 3+. Odds move to 13/8
  • Who will get carded – Danny Rose (Eng). Odds move to 9/1

So why did I chose those components for my PickYourPunt bet? Firstly, England beat Montenegro 5-1 last time out and is the better team. Marcus Rashford is a solid goalscorer who is on form in the Premier League. This game could easily be a 3-1 or 4-1 game so over 3.5 goals makes sense. On that basis, I think they will beat Montenegro by at least three goals.

Lastly, Danny Rose has already been booked in three qualifying games this year. He’s up there with Jordan Henderson for the most bookings. However, this is the weakest part of my bet. Rose has already missed a game for conceding those three yellow cards so he could very well be on his best behaviour.

Comparing my #PickYourPunt odds of 9/1 against others on offer at Betfred, I think I’ve done quite well. England are 1/16 ON to beat Montenegro so if they are my options, I’ll stick with my odds of 9/1 and take my chances!

If you fancy doing the same thing, simply click on the box below to go through to Betfred and start your own #PickYourPunt. Good luck!

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