Playing at online casinos is fun in itself. There are tons of games to enjoy, such as the best slots and card games, and you can get lost in a truly immersive experience.

But what makes it even better? The many types of casino bonuses that are available!

Just like bonus offers from the bookies, they’re a useful tool in your online casino experience.

They can help add funds to your account and increase your chances of winning all your favourite games.

But do you know how they all work? Let’s explain.

Bonuses To Look Out For

There are loads of bonuses available for you when you’re playing online. There are plenty to choose from when you sign up for a casino to the ones you get weekly in your inbox.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to run out and use them straight away. You might want to wait for the ones that offer you a better chance of winning.

More importantly, you want to make sure you know how to use them properly so you can maximise your chances of winning. We look at the most popular ones available.

Deposit Bonus

Also known as Match Bonuses, these are some of the most popular bonuses around.

They work by matching the deposit you put into your casino account. So if you were to get a 100% deposit bonus, it means the online casino would match your deposit by 100%.

You put in £100, and you get another £100 to play with.

These bonuses come in various amounts, so you can expect to see 100%, 50%, 25%, you get the picture.

It’s also worth noting, though, that there is a limit to how much you can deposit, and this will often be explained upfront.

For instance, you could get a 100% deposit bonus of up to £100, which means you can’t deposit more than £100.

Still, it’s a nice amount of extra funds to play with!

Cashback Bonus

You’ve probably heard about cashback bonuses in other areas such as retail as it’s a popular (and easy) offer.

But a good one, though. Essentially, you’ll get back a percentage of your money if you don’t get the winning result you were hoping for.

So that way, at least you’re not completely empty-handed.

The good thing about cashback bonuses is that there are no wagering requirements. It’s just a simple bonus that you can apply to your play.

If you win, you win; if you don’t, you get some cash back.

Free Spins

The name says it all, really. These types of casino bonuses offer you free spins on a certain slot.

The spins could range in the 100s, and it’s a great way to try out a slot with free spins on your side, especially if it’s one that you’ve not played before.

If you check out any of the Progressplay casinos online you’ll see a lot of free spins bonuses on offer.

If they’re ‘wager-free’, then it means you can use them straightaway on the slot and claim any winnings that you make.

However, if you do have to meet the wagering requirements, it’s important that you read the terms and conditions before you play (but we’ll explain a bit more on this later).

Welcome Bonus

Each online casino will offer you a welcome bonus for signing up as a new player. This can come in numerous parts, such as match bonuses and free spins.

It’s a great way to get started, but these will have wagering requirements that you need to meet before you can utilise them properly.

However, once you’ve done so, you’ll then be rewarded by the casino the more you play.

It allows you to try out more of the games on offer without risking your own money.

What You Need To Watch Out For

Bonuses are great. There’s no denying that. They can help you add some oomph to your funds and help improve your winning chances. But they do come with small print too.

You need to make sure you understand it all before using a bonus because otherwise, you won’t be able to claim your wins.

Here are some of the most important things to look out for:

Minimum bet – when you make a deposit as part of a match bonus or cashback, check to see what the minimum betting amount is.

Time limits – often, you’ll see that a bonus is only available for a certain time, so make sure you use it before that time runs out. Likewise, there may be a time limit to claim any wins.

Wagering restrictions – Perhaps the biggest of them all, you need to meet a wagering requirement in order to get your prize money.

These often appear in multipliers, so if you got a £100 bonus with a 35x wagering requirement, it means you must wager £3,500 from the £100 you got.

It seems like a lot, but it’s in place to stop people from abusing casino bonuses.

And if you’re playing wisely and practising responsible gambling over time, then the extra money in your account can help in the long run.