So with the Grand National only a few days away have you managed to pick a horse to put your money behind? We know it’s really difficult to narrow down that field of 40 horses to just one, in fact people employ all sorts of methods to pick a runner from statistical analysis to sticking a pin in a list, but what if I told you that a maths geek from Cambridge University has developed a formula for isolating a possible winner for this years race, would you be interested?

Although, before you mortgage the house and rush to the bookies with a huge wad of cash you should know that although this formula uses good mathematics it doesn’t take it’s data from stats based on the horses form but the frequency of letters appearing in the names of winning horses. Going back through over 170 years of Grand Nationals Mr Hartson has analysed each winners names and come up with a completely spurious way to predict the winner!

So whilst this method isn’t a revolutionary system that is likely to change the face of horse racing betting it is another way to pick a runner, and in a race that is notoriously difficult to predict it may be just as good as any other method. So who did this system predict would be this years winner? Well apparently the letters that feature more often than others in winners names are S, R, M and C and it is also more likely that the winner will have a single word for its name, this means that SEABASS is this years predicted winner according to Mr Hartson.

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Ridicule the method all you like! But it seems that Mr Hartson has actually come up with a good possibility for the 2013 Grand National winners as many a pundit has suggested that Seabass is well in with a chance this year. Amongst these experts are the trainer Jenny Pitman and BBC Horse Racing Journalist Cornelius Lysaght. So will you take this formula and back Seabass or are you still undecided? Maybe you should take a look at these tips for picking a horse or even just reacquaint yourself with the full list of runners before deciding.