If you’ve never been before, a night at the greyhounds can be loads of fun for the whole family out for a group of friends and – if you play your cards right – it can even be a free night.

Various tracks have special promotions from time to time and if you’ve made your way to this site, you already know that your bets can be free. It’s a good idea to get them on before you arrive on the web which leaves you free to shout on your selections and enjoy a few drinks and perhaps a meal.

With Betfair, dogs betting is good fun if you know what you’re doing or even if you don’t! That’s because the odds are generally better and, of course, you can back as well as lay which can be a barrel of fun if you think your mate’s selection has no chance!

Betfair covers all the main meetings and has free bets available for newly registering gamblers.

If you haven’t registered with the exchange before, you can get up to £50 in free bets with Betfair which should give most punters at least one free and fun night’s worth of greyhound gambling. What’s more; Betfair also gives its users a free greyhound form guide so at least you can study the form and pretend you know a bit about it if you’ve never ventured to a dog track before.

To find your nearest and best tracks, have a look at dog-track.co.uk. This site covers the basics well and gives information on each track. Be careful here as some tracks are far better and more developed than others and include nice restaurants and different options of where to sit and where to eat. Many of the best tracks allow you to dine in a nice restaurant whilst the waiters will also come and take your bets if you want to gamble on the track itself. It’s all part of a great night out that many people don’t really think about.

In West London, for example, Wimbledon is a very good greyhound racing stadium, with fine dining. It’s very easy to get to by tube o the District Line and has generally excellent facilities. East of the city is Walthamstow and Romford, with Crayford further south. In the north of England, meanwhile, Manchester’s Belle Vue stadium is one of the best along with Sheffield, Nottingham and Sunderland to name just a few. So – why not give it a try? It’s certainly a night out with a difference for most people.