If you’re planning to bet on Euro 20/21 you’ll probably have already noted the final tournament draw which took place on the 30th of November 2019 in Bucharest. This draw finalized the group stage fixtures, so we now know which countries have been drawn in which groups.

The tournament has however been pushed back to the summer of 2021 and this will make it easier for those planning on placing bets on the England squad’s Euro 20/21 chances, or learning how gambling online works.

If you’re new to the whole thing the way to start is risk free at one of the best UK no deposit online casinos. These are sites that give you free cash or bets when you create an account and you can use this to see how everything works. Many UK online casinos include sportsbooks so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Euro 20/21 group stage fixtures are as follows and you can use these to see how your favourite team will do. The group stages will now be held from Friday 11th of June 2021 through to Wednesday the 23rd of June 2021.

Group A: Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland
Group B: Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia
Group C: Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, Play-off winner D (A)
Group D: England, Croatia, Play-off winner C, Czech Republic
Group E: Spain, Sweden, Poland, Play-off winner B
Group F: Play-off winner A (D)*, Portugal, France, Germany

The Play-off semi finals were drawn separately on the 22nd of November 2019 and confirmed as follows:

Path A: Iceland v Romania, Bulgaria v Hungary
Path B: Bosnia and Herzegovina v Northern Ireland, Slovakia v Republic of Ireland
Path C: Scotland v Israel, Norway v Serbia
Path D: Georgia v Belarus, North Macedonia v Kosovo

The draw works by splitting the 24 qualifiers into groups of either six or four and the seeding for each country was calculated on their overall European Qualifiers rankings. This included looking at their final position in the group, the number of points they received, the goal difference, goals scored, away goals, number of wins, number of away wins, disciplinary points, and their overall UEFA Nations League rankings.

The Round of 16 will begin on Saturday 26th of June and run to the 29th of June. The Quarter finals will take place on Friday the 2nd of July and Saturday the 3rd of July. The semi-finals and the final are to be held in Wembley Stadium, London. The semi-finals will be held on the 6th and 7th of July and the final will take place on the 11th of July.

Understanding Betting Odds for Football – Including No Deposit Bonuses

Betting odds for football can take time to understand and that is why free bets and no deposit casinos are a popular choice and many start using these first to understand how to gamble online in general.

A no deposit bonus is a risk free option where you receive free bets or cash that you can then use to practice with. Some of the best UK no deposit online casinos have sportsbooks too and you can claim no deposit free bet offers that you can use to bet on football or other sports. This will let you see how the process works and learn the betting markets and odds without risking your own money.

Odds can help you determine how much you are likely to win, and they will be shown as fractions. For example, odds of 2/1 mean you will win £2 for every £1 you bet. The higher the odds, the more you will win. That’s not all you have to look at though. There are lots of different football betting markets that you can choose from. Below we have some of the popular football bets you can make with free bets at UK no deposit casinos.

  • Match Bet: This is the easiest of all bets and you are betting on the outcome of the match. You can bet on the Home Team, Away Team, or for a draw.
  • Asian Handicap Bet: You bet has a handicap to overcome. Each team will be given a + or a –. If you bet on a team with a +1 handicap, they have to win by two goals for you to win your bet. If they win by one goal your stake will be returned.
  • European Handicap Bet: In this one you might have a team with a -1 handicap, and you will have to take a goal away from their score if you bet on them and they win. If the team wins at 2-0 you win but if the score is 1-0 you lose your bet because when you take away the -1 the score is 0-0. If the handicap is a + you will have to add the number to the final score to see if your bet wins.
  • Half Time/Full Time: This is where you can bet on the result of the first half of the match or the full time result.
  • Double Chance Bet: For this one you bet on two of three outcomes. This can be Home Team or Draw, Away Team or Draw, or Home Team or Away Team. You win your bet if either of your combinations is the result. You will find this bet comes with lower odds though.
  • Accumulators: One of the most popular football bets that can have huge payouts. This is where you bet on more than one match and the odds will increase the more teams you add. For example the scoop6.
  • Goal scoring: There are a number of betting options for this one. You can bet on the player you think will be first to score, or the player you think will be the last scorer of the match. You can even bet on a player to score during a particular match.
  • Scorecast: This is where you bet on both the goalscorer and the final results. You can bet on the final score or the team who will win. There are higher odds for this bet.
  • Over/Under: This is where you bet on the outcome of a game being over or under what the bookmaker gives odds on. If the number is 2.5 you will be betting on whether or not the match will result in more or less than three goals.
  • Draw No Bet: You bet on the outcome but if the match ends in a draw your stake is returned to you. The odds for this type of football bet are usually lower.
  • Special Bets: There are some special bets that you can find at UK no deposit casinos and online bookies with special odds on specific events that don’t happen on the pitch. These can include betting on which manager will get the sack first, which manager will take over a team, or top goalscorer of the season. These can often be fun bets with great returns if you are right.

How Betting Odds Are Affected Group Draws

The odds are calculated based on which teams will play against each other. This means that there will be different odds for every match. The odds are then adjusted for each team as the matches are played and the group stages progress. You will always get the best odds especially for the semi-finals and finals the earlier you place your bets. If you bet on the Euro 20/21 winner before the group stages begin you will get the best odds.

The betting market for football can seem daunting for new gamblers and that is why using a free bet from one of the UK no deposit casinos or online bookmakers is a great way to get started and with the group stage matches and Euro 2020 postponed until 2021 you have plenty of time to brush up on your betting skills. Once you get started you’ll soon see things aren’t as confusing as you might have thought.