Nowadays, you can never spot a CS:GO competition where players don’t use skins. They are an essential game’s part, and it would be hard to imagine it without them.

But why is that? Today, you’ll find out. Also, you’ll find several tips on how to get CS:GO items for free. Let’s waste no time and jump into this!

Why do Pro Players Use Skins?

Skins are the tools to stand out among others. They bring authenticity to your CS:GO character, making you look unique. And that’s the main reason why pros use them.

With hundreds of available CS:GO skins, making a special item loadout is not that hard. So pros are using them all the time. That way, they can even influence the popularity of some skins.

What’s also great about skins, they give you new feelings when playing with them. Pros spend hundreds of hours training and playing with the same old items. So once they get new ones, their playing is refreshed. And that often gives them excitement to keep playing the game.

How to Get Skins for Free

Pro players spend hundreds of dollars on their skins. Of course, it is not necessary at all. What’s more, you can get some skins without spending a penny. Here are the ways you can do it.

Random CS:GO Drops

When you play and finish a CS:GO match (it doesn’t matter in which mode), you can get a random drop. It can be anything, starting from the weapon skins and finishing with stickers. The more games you’ve played without getting a drop, the bigger chance of it for each upcoming match.

Among the mentioned drops, we are fishing for the skins. However, if you don’t get them, don’t be upset. You can sell other drops on the market and get some cash. And then, spend it to buy the exact CS:GO skin you want.

A little tip: New cases are the best items to get as a post-game drop. They cost the most when they just got out (sometimes even $10+) and are sold instantly. To get them, start grinding when the new update comes out.

CS:GO Operation Missions

Periodically, Valve releases operations for CS:GO (Operation Bravo, Hydra, Wildfire, etc.). If you purchase an operation pass (around $10), you can access the list of missions. By completing them, you receive rewards: items and cases.

What’s best, you can choose your rewards. So you minimize the random factor and get the exact skins you want. And if you get the case, just sell it and buy any other item you want.

Even though the operation costs some bucks, the loot you receive quickly returns your money. In fact, if you actively complete all the missions, you get pure profit.

Free Cases

Some CS:GO case-opening websites reward their clients with free stuff. For instance, Farmskins gives away a free daily case.

To get it, you only have to open some cases on their website. And then, just go to the corresponding website section and open your case without a key.

As a reward from it, you can get additional balance, cases, and skins. And again, if you don’t get the skin, you can use the other two resources to open a case and get it.

An obtained item will be stored in your Farmskins account. But you can withdraw it to your Steam Acc anytime via a trade offer.

Complete Surveys

Social sites want you to share your experiences with them. And for that service, they are willing to pay you. However, some sites use CS:GO skins as a payment currency.

To get the skins, log in to the website, and attend any survey. You will get loot depending on how long it takes to complete a survey.

Once finished, ask the site for the trade offer. That way, you will quickly get your account’s earned skins.

Spectate CS:GO Pro Events

When watching CS:GO pro matches, you can get a random drop. Most often, those are the souvenir cases. Due to how exclusive these cases are, they have solid prices on the market.

So you can loot them and sell them, allowing you to buy the skin you want. Alternatively, you can also open the case. This will give you a unique skin full of stickers with a “Souvenir” tag.