As football is one of the most popular sports you can bet on, whether you’re a new punter or not. It is always recommended to apply useful tips so that the outcome you predict might bring you a profit.

Some punters choose to bet for fun while others might be aiming to make money, regardless of that, you should always consider using recommended strategies to make the most successful predictions. 

Below is a short betting guide that may help you to determine if and when you should hedge a bet.

Analyse The Match Before Placing A Bet

If you bet on a football match, there is a possibility to increase your chances of winning regardless of your luck.

One way to achieve this is to analyse both teams playing the match before placing bets on some betting sites.

If you want to make a profit, it is advised to spend a little of your time getting informed about the condition of each team at a given moment.

For instance, which players are on the bench, whether any of the key players are injured and will some key players miss the match due to a previous red card.

The more information you have, the better chance you have to predict a result.

Limit Costs

Set monthly or seasonal limits in advance that you are willing to lose and strictly adhere to them. Never bet with more than 5% of a certain limit you set.

Although it seems like a good idea when you have a winning streak, football betting with more than 5% of your total money is not profitable because you can quickly run out of everything in a losing streak.

A better betting idea would be to invest a different percentage according to the probability or certainty of an outcome, but you should never consider betting more than 5% of your total budget.

Keeping Track of Statistics

Keeping statistics, in this case, is not just about tracking the performance statistics of clubs and players who play the match you want to bet on.

Although this is an important factor and you should take it into account that, when we talk about keeping statistics, we are talking about your bets.

We advise you to always save them so that you can monitor how successfully you have predicted the results and scores.

It can often happen that you think you are playing it safe and betting on betting on your favourites, and if you notice a bad result, take that into account. 

Sometimes your bad luck may be the winner, so the team that is objectively weaker can win the game. You should keep in mind that anything can happen in sports betting, so keeping track of the statistics of your bets is helpful in the long term.

Also, you can group your previous bets according to whether you play them based on expert opinions or not, so you can consider whether that strategy was successful based on the number of bets that you won.

Understand Why You Bet

People bet for different reasons; some enjoy analysis and statistics, while others prefer to bet to add tension watching a live match or winning some money.

Be honest with yourself about why you’re betting because understanding it will help you make better decisions.