Australian Rules Football (Australian Football League)

Australian Rules Football is the game that gets most Aussie’s hearts pumping. It is a professional full contact sport, played between two teams of eighteen players on an oval field. At each end are four posts, the centre two are the goal posts, the outer two are the behind posts.

The team with the highest score at the end of the game wins unless a draw is declared, or a tie-break is used.

Goals are scored by propelling the ball through the goal posts at any height, including above the height of the posts, each goal is worth 6 points. The ball must not touch any player on it’s way through the goal posts.

There are also ‘behind’ points, which occur when the ball passes between the goal and behind post, or if any player touches the ball on it’s way through the post.

Now if you fancy a bet on this sport you have to consider the score report, if two teams play and team one scores 16 goals and 12 behinds, and team two scores 7 goals and 10 behinds, team one will have won by 56 points.

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To Win the Flag Freemantle are 7/2 while Sydney are being offered at 4/1
Final 8 Melbourne are a great outside bet of 10/1 to make the final 8
Least Wins Paddy Power are offering 20/1 on Gold Coast in this category
Miss The Top 8 GWS are currently the favourites to miss the top 8 at 1/100
Top 4 Freemantle are currently being offered at 4/11 to make the top.