Just over one week to go before the Premier League starts and there are some good odds to take a look it in Power Powers Premier League specials

When betting on pre-season outrights, it can be a bit boring especially when it’s a two-horse race. The outright odds for this season are Man City being the favourites at 8/11 with Liverpool at 15/8.

Paddy Power have a variety of markets available that are different from your usual Top Goalscorer, Winner and Next Manager To Leave.

The season starts of September 12th, so it’s worth checking out these markets before their odds change.

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Alternative Premier League 20/21 Markets

Betting Without Man City & Liverpool 20/21

In this market, the better is who will finish the highest in the league when you take Man City and Liverpool out of it. This market is a good one to have a go on as the likelihood is, these will be the top two at the end of the season. Last year Man United finished third and would have won this. This season they are priced at 11/8, with Chelsea the favourites at 11/10 after heavily investing in their squad so far. But one of the other Top Six sides could also challenge.

Arsenal are priced at 10/1 and have made some good signings of their own. They have brought in Willian and Gabriel and are apparently looking to bring in more. Spurs are ahead of Arsenal just at 9/1. They probably have a better squad but will need to find some consistency. This is a great market to bet on as it makes any of the Top Six games that bit more interesting.

Dual Forecast 20/21

A dual forecast bet is where you predict which two teams will finish first and second. This is good as you can get very good prices. The favourite obviously is Man City & Liverpool at 5/6. In the last two seasons, this is how the table has finished with both sides winning one title each. There is no doubt they have the strongest squads in the league but this doesn’t always mean you finish highest.

The next favourite, it Man City & Chelsea at 5/1. As we previously mentioned Chelsea have invested heavily in their squad. They will be looking to push City and Liverpool given the money they have spent. Bearing that in mind, Liverpool & Chelsea could be a good one at 10/1. Klopp’s side was so far ahead of everyone last season, we can’t see them not being in the top two come May. These aren’t the only dual forecasts available with Man United, Spurs and Arsenal other teams also in them.

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Lowest Scoring Team 20/21

This market is an odd one cause it revolves around a team scoring the least amount of goals, which isn’t very entertaining to watch. However, it is a good market as there are good prices available for a lot of teams and the smallest is 4/1!

Crystal Palace are leading the way at 4/1 and out of all the teams still in the league from last season, they scored the least goals with 31. On top of this, they are looking like they’ll lose their star player Wilfried Zaha. This could lead them to score even fewer goals!

Newcastle are the next favourites at 9/2. They only managed 38 goals last season with there £40 million striker netting just two goals. Up next are the new boy’s Fulham at 5/1. They do have Mitrovic up top who got 26 last season, but its a lot different playing against Championship defences than Premier League defences.

Betting Without The Big Six 20/21

Like the Man City and Liverpool one, your betting for who will finish the highest without the Big Six being present. The Big Six being Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal and Spurs.

The favourite in this market is Wolves at 17/10. They finished two places behind Leicester last season, who arguably over-achieved anyway. Wolves have a very good team who are hard to break down but don’t have a huge squad. They have lost Doherty recently and haven’t replaced him yet. If they have injuries to big players it could be detrimental.

Leicester are behind them at 13/5. They finished fifth in the league last season and should definitely have finished in the top four. Leicester are a good side who will think they should be pushing to break into the top six, so could be a worthwhile bet.

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