Whether it’s poker, blackjack, slots or roulette, we all like a little gamble here and there. But while a few years ago betting fans would have had to visit casinos to play those games, the birth of online gaming has opened so many doors for punters that’s it’s no surprise the industry is now as popular as ever. For those leading a busy lifestyle, visiting a real casino or spending time sat at a computer can often be hard to do, so it’s becoming more common for betting fans to use their mobile phones to visit their favourite online casinos.

There are certainly a number of advantages to cash gaming on your mobile, most notably the fact you don’t have to physically visit a casino or spend time at your computer, giving you the chance to play your favourite casino games on the move. Rather than spending the commute home from work avoiding eye contact with the scary-looking chap sat across from you on the train, betting fans can now get out their mobile phone and win some money at one of the number of online casinos available.

Another significant advantage of cash gaming on your mobile is that you can now say goodbye to having to queue up at the cashier’s desk in order to cash-in or cash-out your chips. Instead, punters can now use the simple, quick and safe deposit options using a debit or credit card. Acquiring betting chips to use in an online casino takes a couple of clicks. You can be playing your favourite games in no time. And for those who don’t like the public aspect of betting in a casino, with fellow gamblers watching on – be it at the poker tables, roulette wheel or the slots – mobile cash gaming is a private experience that means you don’t have to be the subject of a spectator sport.

One particular online casino that betting fans can expect to hear plenty about over the next few weeks is Get Lucky. Following the recent introduction of the 2014 Gambling, Licensing & Advertising Bill, Get Lucky is preparing to enter a market that could be set to lose some of those more questionable casinos on the internet. Whether it’s their huge selection of slot games or their game-changing loyalty bonus scheme, it’s no surprise the casino start-up has garnered so much hype in the run-up to their launch.

It’s already known that established slot games such as Mega Moolah, Gladiator, Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune will be available from the casino’s launch, all of which offer jackpots in excess of a million pounds – and way over five million pounds in the case of Mega Moolah. But Get Lucky aren’t going to stop there, with rumours that the casino will eventually play host to almost all slot games currently available in the UK. Meanwhile, the loyalty scheme allows punters to withdraw their bonus in cash right away rather than have to jump through countless wagering hoops before being able to see any return on that bonus.