The way in which we bet has undergone many changes in the past couple of decades. It’s all down to the growth of the internet of course. It is now far easier to place a bet and there seems to be a countless number of online gaming sites that we can visit at all times of the day.

Those of you of a certain age will remember the way we used to bet. It meant a visit to a local bookies, either one run by a national company or a local bookmaker. Imagine a situation where there were no screens to watch sports events on, just an often crackly speaker that supplied commentaries.

Fast forward to the modern-day where you don’t even need to step out of your front door to place a bet. No popping your coat on and going out in the rain, instead just sit in your favourite chair, make a cuppa and log on to an online gaming site.

That’s just one of the advantages of betting online but there are many more. Online gaming sites have betting odds available throughout the day. You often look at a site and think to yourselves “where do I start?”

Football matches from all over the world are being covered. It’s not just a case of the top Premier League, Serie A, Liga, and Bundesliga matches available to bet on. There are reserve and youth team games too for you to try and get a winner on. The options available are more than you will be able to get in your local bookmakers.

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Not just that but you can bet on these games as they happen. In-play betting is something we could only dream of years ago. Live streaming of events makes betting even more attractive. The chance to be betting in-play and watching sports events from around the globe greatly enhances your gaming experience.

Then there are all the promotions available online. It’s a highly competitive industry so the quest to get new customers is an ongoing battle. This can be good news for online gamers with enhanced odds, free bets and matched deposits being offered to attract them. Then there are lots more promotions and loyalty bonuses that can be seen at online gaming sites. Be careful to check all the terms and conditions though.

Gaming online can be a thrilling experience and all in the comfort of your own home. Or perhaps while waiting for a bus or on the train home if you download an app for your mobile. It all sounds a bit more exciting than spending hours in the bookmakers. There isn’t the continual noise in the background from the slot machines for a start.

If you want to bet in comfort, then spending your time at an online site is the answer. One with smooth financial transactions, highly competitive odds, lots of promotions and plenty to bet on will give you hours of pleasure and hopefully some big wins too.