Although the Belmont Stakes 2022 takes place on June 11, 2022, you must prepare ahead of time, especially if you are watching on site.

Many Belmont Stakes and Triple Crown enthusiasts are getting excited about this third and last Triple Crown race.

Therefore, if you plan to visit Elmont, NY, you must ensure that you carry the right items for that big event.

Make the most out of your Belmont Stakes experience by bringing the following items with you on the race.

List of Your Top Three Picks

Being on-site to watch the Belmont Stakes 2022 is fun and exciting. Don’t get overwhelmed with excitement to the point of forgetting to place a bet on the top picks for belmont stakes betting.

Ensure that you list down your top three picks and the type of bet you want to go for. It is also best to write your limit to ensure that you will not go overboard.

The thrill of being among the crowd witnessing a historic race can be so emotional that you will likely forget about these small details.

Having a list ready helps you stay on track of your bets.

Bring a Poncho

Although there is a low chance of rain during the Belmont Stakes this year, it is still wise to bring a poncho. The weather is unpredictable, and you will never know what will happen on that day.

Also, umbrellas are banned in the Belmont Stakes, so having a poncho with you is the best alternative.

A poncho can also be used as an instant picnic blanket if you need one. You can even wear it around as a part of your outfit while enjoying the race.

In addition, ponchos are inexpensive and not hard to pack. Better to be safe than sorry, bring a poncho come race day.

Food and Non-alcoholic Beverages

The Belmont Stakes management allows audiences to bring in food and drinks from the outside as long as it is a non-alcoholic beverage.

Of course, booze is prohibited inside the racetrack, but you can still enjoy watching the race with your favorite snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

Make sure to bring a few bottles of water so you won’t have to get in line if you feel thirsty. You can also bring in your favorite food and enjoy it while watching the exciting race.

You can pack your snacks and drinks in a clear bag measuring 28x15x17 if you go to the backyard.

The backyard is a popular open-space gathering area for race fans to witness horses saddled before the Belmont Stakes race.

It is a picnic area where kids can freely play while you are enjoying the race.

Meanwhile, if you go to the grandstand or clubhouse, you can only bring a transparent bag measuring 18×18. No backpacks and coolers are allowed in the Belmont Stakes.

So, you better start looking for a clear bag with the approved measurements to bring food and beverages to the Belmont Stakes race.


Sun or no sun, you should always wear sunscreen. You will be exposed to the sunlight for an extended period, and applying sunscreen will protect your skin and prevent sunburn.

In addition, you do not want to go home to your home or hotel room feeling sore after a day full of fun.

Therefore, wear sunscreen on your way to Belmont Park. You should also need to reapply the sunscreen every 15-30 minutes during sun exposure, so bringing it with you to the race is recommended.

By doing so, your Belmont Stakes experience will be an unforgettable one minus the sunburn.

Only bring sunscreens stored in plastic containers or tubes. Glass jars or containers are not allowed in the race.

So, you better shop for the best sunscreen with a high SPF and packed in an allowed package.

A Reliable Power Bank

Your smartphone will surely become busy during the race, and the battery will die quickly. Remember, bringing big cameras is prohibited in the Belmont Stakes.

So, you will never have a choice but to rely on your phone to capture photos and record videos of the race.

Continuously using your phone’s camera uses more energy, so you should bring a reliable power bank.

You will never have to worry about cutting your photoshoot short because of a low battery.

Your phone is also vital during betting. Many people have experienced their phones dying in the middle of an exciting betting session.

Imagine how frustrating that situation is when it happens to you. Avoid the hassle and bring a power bank with you when you’re at the races.

Start Planning Your Belmont Stakes 2022 Journey

Since there are so many prohibited things in the Belmont Stakes, you should plan your travel ahead of time.

Pack all of your essentials along with the things mentioned in this article.

If you do, you will enjoy the Belmont Stakes race as well as the entire experience.